What we do

Publicitas in Belgium is your single point of contact when you would like to advertise in foreign titles. We help you with placing an ad in a German newspaper as well as placing a banner on a Bulgarian website. One simple call to us will ensure you that you get what you expect, without anything getting 'lost in translation'.

About us


  • Netherlands: Style Guide - FD

    19. February 2016

    Netherlands: Style Guide - FD
    The Style Guide April issue focusses on sport. FD Style Guide is the magazine that covers topics in which style plays a role. A luxurious ‘How-to’ guide packed with reports about trends and the best products and services.


  • Engagement is King - Publicitas Mobile

    08. March 2016

    Engagement is King - Publicitas Mobile

    With the introduction of Publicitas Mobile formats, brands get a whole new toolkit to evaluate the effectiveness of their digital campaigns and a truer picture of consumer engagement. Publicitas Mobile offers highly engaging creative formats specifically designed for the advertiser’s audience. These impactful placements offer up to 5x regular CTRs and include extensive format opportunities such as 3D rotation, embedded video and many others,  all with a native feel.