Interactive Cross Media

The general conditions for media providers and advertisers are changing radically due to increasing over-stimulation and cost pressure.

Interactive media (Internet, mobile, e-mail marketing, PDA and smartphones) are drastically changing the character of media consumption. The challenge in this environment is the effective and efficient transport of advertising messages via different and above all new channels to the consumer.

A distribution of the total budget to different media is no longer sufficient these days. The strengths of the individual advertising carriers must complement each other in order to be optimally linked.

The cross-media definitions are manifold. There is neither a uniform definition nor clearly verifiable standards. One common definition of cross-media is: "Cross-media is the content, creative and formal linking of different media channels and advertising carriers with the aim of realizing a maximum advertising success via a multi-channel approach", or, to put it more simply: cross-media is networked communication! The following four sectors must be covered as the basis of an optimum and effective cross-media campaign:

Booking a title online and offline

Using the advertising material in different media

Linking of messages in different media


In the cross-media communication process, the individual media play clearly defined, different, coordinated roles. They supplement each other with their specific strengths and realize thus far unused synergy potentials.

We can only speak of linked communication when more than one medium is applied as the carrier of the advertising message.

The following media categories are primarily used:

  • TV - print
  • Teletext [iTEXT] - direct marketing
  • Online - radio
  • Mobile - poster
  • Events - cinema

In principle, the application of two different media categories is already sufficient for a successful communication process, if these are linked with each other regarding content and form.

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