Please find below a summary of all the announced speakers and companies presenting at the Digital Forum 2012. We will be releasing information on several more speakers and their exciting companies within the next few days!

Don't forget to arrange your one-on-one meeting with the Publicitas/Adnative Digital Team & our partners below.


About Netbreeze 
Netbreeze, a company specialized in Social Media Monitoring, has developed an offering for publishers enabling them to leverage the power of Social Media.  Netbreeze enables publishers to integrate social media dialogues directly into an article through a broad set of widgets and this on any given topic. Any given article can be enriched with contextual information, but also with graphics showing which topic is hot or not. Through this social media dialogue integration a publisher raises its visitors retention and website's monetization. Among other leading newspapers, Financial Times Germany offers the service as an added value to their readers, boosting page impressions and retention time on articles. Netbreeze is listed as one of the TOP100 on REDHerring. Find out more on www.netbreeze.ch 

About François Rüf 
François, CEO of Netbreeze, co-founded the company in 1999 with the vision to identify and visualize the hidden insights contained on the world wide web. With a masters in theoretical physics from the ETH Zurich and working for more than 13 years in the social media space, François has acquired a deep knowledge about the domain and related digital business models. 


About Piccing 
Piccing is an online social “Piccboard” that lets you discover, “Picc” and share favorite things from around the web and display them on your very own personal Piccboard . It’s a place that shows off your style and defines who you are. Piccing’s social shopping platform has over 800,000 members and growing by the day (25 million page-views, May 2012). Piccing is the perfect place to advertise your brand amongst your potential clients as they choose you not the other way around. Please download our new app and experience yourself
Piccing was founded in March 2011 in Palo Alto California by the founder and CEO Dirk Spielmann together with CFO Nikolaj Zethraeus. 

About Johan Hagenfeldt & Dirk Spielmann
Johan Hagenfeldt, holds a Master Of Laws from the University of Lund Sweden but changed trade and decided to become a marketeer instead. Johan has held a number of positions with ground-breaking online corporations where he has developed special skills in terms of monetization and online marketing. In 2009 Johan left his day-job to pursue a career as an entrepreneur and started his own marketing agency. Dirk started his career as an architect in Switzerland and prior to that he studied Art in Florence Italy. Dirk has also been part of the core team supporting the success of the real-estate platform Immoscout24 in Switzerland. Dirk became addicted to all opportunities online and caught the ‘internet virus’.  Dirk moved in to the mobile business and worked over 10 years with a strong focus on mobile imaging and content sharing and storage, bringing the idea of Piccing to life.


About Respond
Click-through rates have been decreasing for many years and media owners and advertisers must constantly innovate to overcome "banner blindness" amongst consumers. The Respond solution is to display highly relevant call-to-action buttons across a network of premium publishers. An article about a weekend in New York, for example, may have a button that states 'Book flights from London' - typically above and below the content, where the Facebook Like button is displayed. Respond is simple to integrate, non-interruptive, offers incremental revenue, and works across both mobile and desktop devices. Despite being ten times smaller than a banner ad, Respond offers ten times better performance. Current chairman of Respond is Tim Brooks, former managing director of the Guardian.

About Guy Cookson
Guy Cookson is the Co-Founder and Director of Respond, who co-founded Azullo, the company behind Respond, in 2009. Guy was previously at DMGT plc and the Red Consultancy (where he worked with Microsoft, Experian and Braun). 
Joining him at the forum is Chris Frost, Head of Publisher Development at Respond. Chris was previously Head of Product and Partnerships at the Review Centre following roles at uSwitch, Virgin Media, Vodafone and Orange.


About Telegraaf Media Nederland
TMG is being describes as the most progressive publisher in the automated space. They we’re one of the first publishers who started their own tradedesks and recently started to use their own DSP technology. Automated trading is not about remant. Automated trading is not about performance. During this session you will find out where automated trading is really about.


About Martin van der Meij 
Martin is head of Yield Management at Telegraaf Media, the largest publisher in the Netherlands. Before Telegraaf, Martin worked for over 10 years in the internet industry, launching one of the first local online newspapers in 1995 and one of the most controversial social networks in the Netherlands in 2002.


About Xaxis
GroupM’s primary goal is to support each of the operating companies Maxus, MEC, MediaCom, Mindshare and Kinetic as both a parent company and a collaborator in activities that benefit their clients, including trading, content creation, digital communications, new business, finance, proprietary tool development and other critical capabilities. In the search for more efficient ways to buy digital inventory, and delivering better results for advertisers through data and insights, WPP's Xaxis is leading the way. Xaxis is one of the new breed of media agency digital trading units - investing in proprietary tools and products to help advertisers increase awareness, engagement and ultimately consumer action.

About Dr. Robert Mayer-Uellner
Dr. Robert Mayer-Uellner, Managing Director of Xaxis Germany will join the Digital Forum 2012, on Day 1, to talk about how Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and the rise and rise of programmatic media buying will be an increasingly important part of the future of digital media. Bobby has been with GroupM since the beginning of 2010, focusing on various parts of the digital business including the successful development of GroupM’s social media capabilities. Before joining GroupM, Bobby worked as Senior Vice President in online performance marketing at iCrossing. During this time, he specialized in paid and natural search, affiliate as well as CpX, and was responsible for acquiring and managing big client accounts from the automotive, retail, electronic and telecommunication industries. He started his career as a strategic business consultant. Bobby has a PhD from the University of Munich in economics and communication science. 


About VisualDNA
VisualDNA is the world’s leading provider of psychographic profile data, using a combination of image based personality quizzes, offline bureau data and behavioural inference to understand users online. Clearly defined audience segments as well as look-a-like modelling allow the company to deliver industry-leading consumer profiling and ad targeting solutions to advertisers and media owners. 

On day 1 of the event, the VisualDNA team will be announcing details of a unique pan European data solution exclusively for Publicitas and Adnative partners and will lead a discussion that will help you to:
- Discover how the use of your own audience data can increase revenues from premium and discretionary inventory, help to reinforce key advertiser and agency relationships, and create new and complementary revenue streams 
- Learn about the unique and proprietary technology that powers VisualDNA’s audience profiling services 
- Explore the rich user profiles produced via VisualDNA’s Audience Composition Interface 
- Understand VisualDNA’s long term consumer centric vision.


About the Team

Charles Wiles, Managing Director
Charles is VisualDNA's Managing Director and created their data business from scratch.  He spent four years leading product teams at Google before joining VisualDNA, and has an MBA from London Business School and PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Oxford University. 
Chris Le May, Director
Chris joined VisualDNA in February 2010 and is responsible for developing and launching the adoption of global products, technology and data to leading publisher, agency and platform partners. He has spent the last twelve years working with both agencies and publishers in the digital media space.
Ben Tice, Business Development Manager
Ben manages the commercial partnerships for VisualDNA's key customers and has worked in digital media for five years. He began his career selling international sports sponsorships across broadcast, web & mobile for ESPN in London before joining the company at the start of 2011.  

About paper.li
Paper.li is the distributed curation platform that lets businesses and individuals easily publish social media content in customized interactive newspapers. Advanced semantic analysis technology processes over 12 million pieces of shared media each day, in 8 languages throughout 200 countries, and delivers end users meaningful and filtered fresh news daily via more than 500,000 custom-curated newspapers. Paper.li will be presenting on Day 2 of the event.

About Edouard Lambelet
Edouard is co-founder and CEO of Paper.li, the distributed curation platform that enables businesses and individuals to easily turn social media feeds into customized interactive newspapers. Prior to creating Paper.li, Edouard founded MNC, a leading international mobile application and service provider that was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent. He later remained at Alcatel-Lucent to develop activities in the Mobile Media Market and enabling businesses. Edouard has been active in the media, international live art production and entertainment business. Edouard has an MBA from HEC Lausanne, Switzerland, where he also lectured in Financial Strategy and Enterprise Service Strategy. 



About Geovendo
Geovendo’s is one of the first complete systems for mobile advertising providing geo located advertising for mobile media in the world. The unique browser based system includes all activities from advertising to transaction for today¹s advertisers and gives media companies a unique white label solution to provide state-of-the-art mobile advertising. Please come and see Geovendo present on Day 2 of the event.


About John Berland
With a background of almost 20 years in media and advertising, John Berland, has been involved with innovative and award winning projects in publishing, internet and mobile solutions. His combination of business- and technological insights has enabled him to work with many groundbreaking projects. John has been involved with conceptional developments from idea to product solution at Geovendo and other companies for the last 12 years.


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