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17 Sep 2013

Germany: Madame Verlag launches Psychologies Magazin

This November, Munich-based MADAME Verlag is launching the German-language edition of a completely new kind of women’s magazine in the premium segment: PSYCHOLOGIES – the magazine “for a better life”. With a paid circulation of over 350,000 copies and a reach of more than 2.5 million female readers, PSYCHOLOGIES is one of the greatest successes in the French media market in recent years. Thanks to an innovative 360° approach, a highly successful website with 2.3 million unique users, various apps and mobile services, the brand also enjoys great success in digital terms. The licensed German version from the French media company Groupe Psychologies, a subsidiary of the Lagardère Group, will be published periodically. MADAME Verlag is already established in the luxury segment and now, with the magazine under the editorial management of Jenny Levié, it is further consolidating its portfolio in the luxury segment. With its German launch, the internationally successful brand PSYCHOLOGIES will now be published in eight languages and nine countries.

“The time is ripe for the German edition of PSYCHOLOGIES”, says a pleased Robert Sandmann, CEO and publisher of MADAME Verlag, and adds: “There is no comparable German title on the market. PSYCHOLOGIES combines the intellectual level and interests of a “ZEIT” reader with the feminine information and service character of a premium women’s magazine, together with the visual appeal of a luxury magazine such as MADAME. With PSYCHOLOGIES we are adding another exclusive brand with international appeal to our portfolio of magazines, thus consistently pursuing our dynamic strategy of expansion.”

In times of globalization, rapid change and general uncertainty regarding issues such as jobs and relationships, people are seeking orientation, meaning and more fulfilment in life. This magazine, which is already successful all over the world, addresses issues such as “What is true friendship?”, “How do I say what I want?” or “How strong is my relationship really?” and in the process offers its female readers content of a very high quality. Philosophers, psychologists, authors and scientists provide sound, in-depth knowledge and give readers the orientation they seek. Jenny Levié, the editor-in-chief of PSYCHOLOGIES, explains: “The word 'psychology’ comes from Greek and loosely translated means 'life teachings’. At the purely scientific level, psychology explains human experiences and behaviour – and we deal with both these areas in our magazine. This all centres on the reader and her basic faith in life. Increased responsibility for oneself, integrity, sensitivity and the need to 'shift down a gear’ – these are themes and values that PSYCHOLOGIES stands for, and they are the themes of our time.”

She adds: “What’s more, the magazine provides a well-balanced overview of the high-quality beauty and personal care market. All the products are of high quality and we are very careful to recommend only the best. PSYCHOLOGIES not only has a unique content, but style as well! The magazine portrays the world of our readers and enriches it with further ideas, which of course includes themes such as literature, art & culture, sustainability and nutrition – always dealt with in a discriminating manner.”

“We are testing a completely new market with the November issue,” says Robert Sandmann. “The PSYCHOLOGIES target group is between the ages of 30 and 60, enjoys a very high level of education, a high net household income, and possesses highly developed social and emotional intelligence. One outstanding characteristic of all international editions of PSYCHOLOGIES is that 50% of its readership reads no other women’s magazine. We expect PSYCHOLOGIES to open up a completely new target group in Germany, too.”

PSYCHOLOGIES Germany is planned as a multimedia brand for the medium and long term. The first issue will also contain an emag, for instance. In the course of time the entire brand will grow into a strong interactive platform with the launch of the German PSYCHOLOGIES website and various social media activities, as well as additional live events. The first German-language issue of PSYCHOLOGIES will start with a print run of some 150,000 copies, 148 pages and a copy price of four euros. The magazine is being marketed by BM Brand Media, with sales being handled by BPV Medien Vertrieb.



Source : Mediagroup Medweth/Germany 17 Sep 2013
Posted Dated: 20 Sep 2013