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Publicitas Mobile and video

Publicitas can now offer advertisers new and exclusive video and mobile advertising formats available through our extensive network of global online media.

Publicitas Video
is an InPage, outstream, native format that loads seamlessly in content. The InPageVideo plays in the chosen location, opens itself and starts within an article page. The video is paused when out of sight of the viewer. Publicitas video has guaranteed coverage and 100% visibility guarantee.

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Publicitas mobile is a creative and immersive solution enhancing your choices in this now vital element of media planning. Specifically designed to be unobtrusive our mobile formats offer both in app and mobile web opportunities utilising the latest best in class mobile technology that will seamlessly integrate with any site. Offering over 500 bespoke, uniquely creative formats backed up with real time analytics.

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Publicitas Programmatic

Publicitas Programmatic is the Audience Targeting System advertising solution, for clients and media agencies who want to reach global media and audiences.

Publicitas uses cutting edge technologies to deliver the right audience in the right environement at the right price.

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Digital media plays a vital role in today’s marketing mix. Digital advertising offers a cost-effective and flexible sales channel – enabling you to interact with your audience in real time and to measure the outcomes instantly.

Publicitas creates compelling and effective digital media solutions across a range of platforms, including Websites, Tablets, Mobiles/Smartphones, Apps, Digital screens and Videos.