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Publicitas SSP

With the Publicitas SSP, we are offering an exclusive real time advertising (RTA) marketplace, connecting premium brands with premium publishers. The underlying technology enables publishers to make their inventory available to premium brands world-wide, while still maintaining full control over brand safety and pricing.

Publicitas markets the inventory directly and indirectly through online advertising exchanges to advertisers across the globe, thanks to our world wide network in over 20 countries.

The Publicitas SSP is the best home for publishers that want to maximize their advertising earnings.

Premium display advertising

Digital media plays a vital role in today’s marketing mix. Digital advertising offers a cost-effective and flexible sales channel – enabling you to interact with your audience in real time and to measure the outcomes instantly.

Publicitas creates compelling and effective digital media solutions across a range of platforms, including Websites, Tablets, Mobiles/Smartphones, Apps, Digital screens and Videos.

Audience Targeting System

Audience Targeting System is Publicitas programmatic advertising solution, for clients and media agencies who want to reach global media and audiences.

Publicitas uses cutting edge technologies to deliver the right audience in the right environement at the right price.