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  • Print Media
  • Australia

Money magazine provides credible, independent, easy-to-understand financial advice to help its readers save money and make the most of their investments. Paul Clitheroe AM, a widely respected financial adviser and TV host, is its Chairman and chief comentator. He has provided advice to readers since its inception 10 years ago making it the longest running personal financial magazine in Australia. As well as publishing feature articles and commentary, Money magazine''s regular sections cover key financial topics such as investing, superannuation, shares and real estate. These sectors include relevant articles which keep readers up-to-date and in a position to make informed decisions about their money. Core Target: People 25-49

  • Publishing House BAUER MEDIA PTY LIMITED
  • Language ENGLISH
  • City SYDNEY
  • Type of media Consumer magazines
  • Editorial content Business (Personal finance)
  • Geographic Coverage National/Semi-national
  • Published MONTHLY

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