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  • Print Media
  • France

The monthly photojournalism magazine, Geo, brings you photographs from all over the world accompanied by informative captions. Reports, studies, and travels show us the world we dream about and the world that we know. Finding meaning through history and geography, looking beyond news coverage to better understand the issues specific to different countries, people and major events, this traveller''s publication has a decidedly contemporary editorial slant. In today''s complex world, people want more than just the news. Geo works with top photojournalists, great reporters, travel writers and researchers.

GEO (FRANCE) - France
  • Publishing House PRISMA MEDIA, SNC
  • Language FRENCH
  • City PARIS
  • Type of media Consumer magazines
  • Editorial content Nature (Earth/Civilisation)
  • Geographic Coverage National/Semi-national
  • Published MONTHLY

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