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  • Online Media
  • Italy

All of the Corriere della Seras consolidated values, such as its authoritativeness and credibility, can also be found online at Over time the digital system, in complete synergy with the original print edition, has attracted increasing numbers of users, establishing itself as the leading quality news publication. - An analysis of the navigation profiles produces a snapshot of a high-quality user who chooses because of its comprehensive, clear and effective news coverage. - The reputation of the newspaper, its multimedia content and innovation, together with its high-quality readership, make a perfect use.

  • Publishing House RCS DIGITAL SPA
  • Language ITALIAN
  • City MILANO
  • Type of media Online to consumer
  • Editorial content News (online)
  • Geographic Coverage National/Semi-national
  • Published PERMANENT (WEB)
  • Print Media versionCORRIERE DELLA SERA
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