Publicitas in France

A notre sujet

about publicitas in france

Founded in 1970 in Paris, Publicitas in France is the local partner for advertisers and agencies seeking international media solutions.

Our media specialists are based in Paris and they have an in-depth understanding of foreign media brands and products.

We work directly with publishers worldwide to support French media agencies and advertisers. We represent the leading quality newspapers, magazines, websites, in-flight media, radio and television in Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Pacific Islands, the Middle East and Africa.  


Publicitas in France is part of the Publicitas global network. 

our mission

To be the preferred partner for media owners and advertisers worldwide, selling media using effective advertising solutions. 

  • Creating long-term relationships with media partners
  • Ensuring close proximity to the advertising customers
  • Providing highest levels of services, innovation and a high entrepreneurial spirit
  • Having passion in everything we do