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Cicero, is the first opinion-leading authored magazine to successfully establish itself in the German market. Written by top authors for a discerning, interested readership with strong opinions of their own, it takes its cue from the debate within society on international and German politics, business and culture, providing a forum for reflection on - and analysis of - the central issues. Its focus in on high journalistic standards. Cicero is divided into four sections: "Weltbühne": analyses and discusses topics and people of importance on the international stage. "Berliner Republik": is the forum for German society. "Kapital": different aspects of economic activity. "Salon": the modern cultural life in all its many facets.

CICERO - Germany
  • Language GERMAN
  • City BERLIN
  • Type of media Consumer magazines
  • Editorial content General interest
  • Geographic Coverage National/Semi-national
  • Published MONTHLY
  • Online Media versionCICERO.DE (WEBSITE)
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