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  • Print Media
  • Germany

The unique mixture of editorial topics, the clear stance on issues facing modern society, the large-scale optical language, and the pronounced social commitment all make Stern unique in the German media landscape. Stern reports on the most important current events. Today, mankind is inundated with information. In order to find his way, he doesn''t need even more facts and figures. He wants a magazine that selects, orders, evaluates Stern supports reader orientation and decision making, because it doesn''t merely offer more "content" but context as well. Philosophy: Stern moves! It shows the human side of the news. The story of a person, possibly a single facial expression, often says more about the meaning of an event than dry numbers. Stories in Stern are concrete and emotional. Stern practices "real-life journalism". Visual: Stern shows big photos in a big format. For its covers, reportage and photographs, Stern regularly receives national and international awards Its opulence and visual power make Stern unique.

  • Publishing House GRUNER + JAHR AG + CO.
  • Language GERMAN
  • City HAMBURG
  • Type of media Consumer magazines
  • Editorial content News - General/Pictorials
  • Geographic Coverage National/Semi-national
  • Published WEEKLY
  • Online Media versionSTERN.DE (WWW)
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STERN - Germany