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  • Print Media
  • Spain

An unbeatable blend of beauty, fashion, seduction and imagination. Elle follows a universal editorial concept based on the basic principles of open-mindedness, balance, quality and style. Within the world of fashion, its fashion and beauty pages are renowned for being directional and inspirational and for providing the reader with a genuine buying guide for the season. They are compiled by the best fashion photographers, journalists and stylists in the business. It inspires readers to dream and stimulates a desire for change. It whets readers'' appetite and encourages consumption. Elle reports all trends, but does not impose them, leaving the reader to choose. The only selection criteria are quality and style. Launched in 1988

  • Language SPANISH
  • City MADRID
  • Type of media Consumer magazines
  • Editorial content Women's (Fashion/Style)
  • Geographic Coverage National/Semi-national
  • Published MONTHLY
  • Online Media versionELLE.ES (WWW)
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ELLE (SPAIN) - Spain