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  • Online Media
  • Finland

Web site of the women''s magazine Me Naiset. Me Naiset is Finland''s biggest weekly magazine. It is read by almost one in five of all women under 40. Beauty and beauty care are of particular interest to its readers; more than 60% actively follow cosmetics advertising. Me Naiset readers are also clearly more fashion-conscious than Finnish women on average. They travelmore often than average and look for new experiences and practical benefits from travel stories. These are the qualities they also seek from advertising. All in all, the magazine is a peopleoriented everyday coping guide for the busy Finnish woman.

  • Publishing House SANOMA MEDIA FINLAND OY
  • Language FINNISH
  • Type of media Online to consumer
  • Editorial content Women's (online)
  • Geographic Coverage National/Semi-national
  • Published PERMANENT (WEB)


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