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What we do

Publicitas Publishing Asia is a forward-thinking creative team with a truly global outlook. Quality is key to us and we never do run of the mill – we love working with world-class brands looking for smart and innovative ways to connect with customers in Asia and beyond.

 And with our finger firmly on the pulse of today’s fast moving world, we use our expertise to deliver brilliant content that is always relevant and fresh. Established since 1972, Publicitas Publishing (formerly known as Emphasis Media) is headquartered in the island state of Singapore. 


Triumphs at APEX 2014

Publicitas Publishing, Asia’s most established partner for brands seeking custom publishing solutions and custom media sales representation, has won the APEX 2014 Grand Award for its work on Frontline for HomeTeamNS and an Award of Excellence for its work on Sawasdee, the monthly inflight magazine for Thai Airways International. More