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  • Print Media
  • Belgium

Le Soir is the undisputed number one French language daily quality newspaper targeting readers in the region of Brussels. It is the most read newspaper by French speaking managers and senior executives. Le Soir is divided into four sections: The first section is dedicated to the news, with the opinion page and a new topic ''buzz''. The second section contains the ''world topic'', the ''forum'' and regional news. LS2 for Le Soir 2 is the title of the third section, with articles about a specific subject and exclusive reports,incl.culture and Petite Gazette. The last section contains business, finances and sports.

  • Publishing House ROSSEL ET CIE SA
  • Language FRENCH
  • Type of media National/regional newspapers
  • Editorial content 1-Newspapers - News/
  • Geographic Coverage National/Semi-national
  • Published DAILY
  • Online Media versionLESOIR.BE (WWW) (LE SOIR EN LIGNE)
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LE SOIR - Belgium