International Magazines

The international magazines division of Publicitas International AG is a competence centre specialising in premium-, news- and special interest magazines.
As a pro-active sales and marketing organisation, our strong portfolio allows us to focus on the specific needs of our clients in the main markets.

We provide:

reliable service:    inquiries, offers, (voucher-)copies within 24 hours
professionalism:    highly qualified consultants with international experience in the team
multilingual consultants:   clients are communicated with in their mother tongue
support: media data, special surveys, assistance with press relations
Due to the close relationship with the domestic operations of Publicitas (with around 50 sales offices in Switzerland), and offices of Publicitas International in Zurich and Lausanne, we work within an unparalled distribution and contact network.

Publishers, looking for specialty, professional and trustworthy representative in Switzerland, please contact We will be pleased to present you our expertise.

Your personal link to the Swiss Market.

Swiss companies have a long-established tradition of international trade and business. Today, Switzerland is home to a variety of the world´s leading companies in various sectors such as financial services, watches, pharmaceuticals and many others. Their company names, brands and products are well-known to customers world-wide. These multinational companies will continue to exploit new potential in Europe, Asia, the USA and many other important export regions.

On the other hand, there are also hundreds of small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland which used to conduct business in the domestic market only and are now changing their marketing and communication strategies. The huge potential of Euroland and the promising prospects of e-business will lead to a strong trend towards international activities for SMEs.

But even though Switzerland has a multi-lingual, multi-cultural business community with a strong international focus, it is still a small world of its own. In order to be successful, you really have to understand the Swiss mentality and you must be integrated in the relevant decision-making processes.

Think globally and act locally.

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Speak to your target audience in the language they understand best. Their own.

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