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  • Online Media
  • Netherlands

Bouw material and equipment in building and construction sector. Users are those people who are directly involved in selection, purchase, control and putting into service of building equipment in the sectors: hou- sing- and general building constructions, earth-moving, road- and hydraulic constructions, dredging works, coastal- and bank-works. Management functio- naries, building technicians, buying managers, sales- and marketing profes- sionals read these product editorials for: ideas for fast design and deve- lopment, improvement of the production process, to be informed early to be able to make critical decisions, support and source to make choices, to stay informed about technological developments ...

  • Publishing House REED BUSINESS BV
  • Language DUTCH
  • Type of media Online to trade and businesses
  • Editorial content Others (trade) (online)
  • Geographic Coverage National/Semi-national
  • Published PERMANENT (WEB)