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Since 1859 The Irish Times has been at the centre of Irish public life. It was brought into existence to represent the views and to serve the needs of the Anglo-Irish community at a time when it had become clear that Ireland's and Britain's commercial and political interests did not necessarily coincide. Over the years, and especially since the foundation of the Sate in 1992, The Irish Times has come to be ackonowledged as Ireland's leading journal of opinion and information. Today it is recogni- sed as one of the leading newspaper in the English-speaking world. Its coverage of politics, economics, arts, sociology, business, sport- indeed, its whole range of interests- is without rival in Ireland in its depth

  • Publishing House IRISH TIMES LTD
  • Language ENGLISH
  • City DUBLIN
  • Type of media National/regional newspapers
  • Editorial content 1-Newspapers - News/
  • Geographic Coverage National/Semi-national
  • Published DAILY
  • Online Media versionIRISHTIMES.COM (WWW)
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