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  • Print Media
  • Japan

Established in 1874,today it's the world's largest newspaper,with a circu- lation of 10 million.Since the end of World War II,it has stricty adhered to the principlestruth,fairness & fraternity.Advocating liberalism,inter- nationalism & humanism,it has endeavored to take initiatives to elevate the nation's standard of living,enhance its cultural life,and to promote world peace & prosperity.It also organizes cultural and sport activities.It's re- garded as a high-quality paper and has achieved this reputation with the help of the home-delivery system.It has 100'000 workers who deliver newspa- pers to homes across the country.The delivery system helps safeguard the people's right to know and enriches the nation's culture.

  • Publishing House THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN
  • Language JAPANESE
  • City TOKYO
  • Type of media National/regional newspapers
  • Editorial content 1-Newspapers - News/
  • Geographic Coverage National/Semi-national
  • Published DAILY